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To all my fellow gamers out there, if your in-person games have been shut down, I suggest playing online with tools like Discord, Hangouts, or a similar application—and give Mapper VTT a try.

It can be used for a wide range of gaming experiences (rpgs, wargames, etc.) —AND IT'S FREE! So power up, login, and ... Keep on gaming!
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Mapper VTT (Virtual Table Top) is an easy-to-use standalone application that you can use to enhance your online gaming sessions via Discord, Hangouts, etc. Leveraging the screen-share feature, you can share maps, images, player tokens, encounter tokens, on-stage props, text message, and more.

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Druids: Secrets of the Primal Order is a 5th-edition gaming resource that expands upon one of the more elusive rpg classes: the druid. This book offers interesting and new uses for traditional aspects of the druid, such as the Druidic language, their aversion to metal, and their co-existence with nature, the Feywild, Shadowfell, and the Elemental planes.

It also expands on the druid class with five new classes that explore different aspects of the druidic tradition: In addition, there are new spells, tools, backgrounds, variant races, equipment, and magic items—everything you need to empower your druids and make them far more interesting.

The Shadow Court
Lastly, the book includes an entire ecology of "anti" and evil druids—the creatures of the Shadow Court. The Shadow Court is a place where the King of The Long Night and his Blood Queen have hidden for eons plotting their revenge upon the faerie folk of the Feywild, who nearly annhilated them, and the druids who allied themselves with them.

There are new monsters, villains, and BBEGs for the druids of your world to fear, battle, and vanquish. With this resource in hand, your players will never walk easily in the wild places of your world again.

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