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Homebrewed Games is focused on creating awesome game resources for the world's oldest and greatest RPG and its fans! We are excited to be releasing a few new products that we hope will both enhance everyone's gaming experience, and more importantly, help the gaming community grow a little closer together.

Druids: Secrets of the Primal Circle

The Mark of the Gloomstar is a sign of an aberrant evil, a darkness that is hidden within the shadows of the Netherelm. The Mark foretells the rekindling of an ancient war between the fey courts and a long-forgotten, festering evil. The druids alone understand this insidious Mark all too well—it was by their own hand that the Mark was first created! And now, it has come, to your world. The druids must gather their strength for they alone keep the secrets to defeating the impending doom.

Druids: Secrets of the Primal Circle ™ is a 5e-compatible gaming resource that contains a wealth of new character options and an expansive lore that can spark every player’s imagination and fuel every GM’s creativity. There are enough new subclasses, spells, magic items, monsters, villains, and variant rules within this book to breathe new life into the druid class.

Most importantly, this resource details a new ecology of archenemies for the druids—within the ranks of the Gloomstar Council and Shadow Court. There are deadly adversaries to defeat, mysterious lands to explore, long-forgotten secrets to discover, and enough flavor to make druids one of your favorite classes.

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Mapper VTT

Mapper™ VTT is a simple virtual tabletop that allows a GM to create a shared visual experience via a screen-sharing feature on communications platforms such as Discord or Google Meet. The tool allows users to easily swap out maps, props, and tokens; includes a initiative tracker, and has other graphic sharing capabilities.

Best of all, it is absolutely free!

Download Mapper VTT

Mapper Walkthrough

Mapper Demo

Mapper Customization Demo

Mutant Apocalypse

Mutant Apocalypse™ is a 5e-compatible, science-fantasy role-playing game—it is kind of like Borderlands™, Gamma World™, and Thundarr the Barbarian™ all rolled up into one awesome tabletop RPG!

The Mutant Apocalypse world is a mutant-ravaged, alien-infested, apocalyptic nightmare, where ancient evil, alien artifacts, and deadly creatures litter a world tittering on extinction. It is laser blasters and lightning swords, and mutations and super science. it is a wild ride on an Earth that has been turned upside down and torn inside out.

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