Druids: Secrets of the Primal Circle

Druids: Secrets of the Primal Circle ™ is a 5e-compatible, 300-page compendium that includes lots of player options and GM resources to re-energize one of the oldest RPG classes: the druid. The book includes:

  • A new dire druid class
  • New druidic subclasses
  • New spells
  • New magic items
  • New monsters
  • New rule variations
  • An expansion of the Druidic language
  • An explaination for a druid's aversion to metal
  • And so much more!

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What's so great about this book?

Besides presenting many new options, this resource takes a long look at several of the druid's most iconic features and deepest lore, such as:

  • The Druidic language
  • The Curse of Blood and Iron
  • Druidic councils
  • Eldtrich foraging
  • Gods and elder spirits
  • New special materials, such as Feyrun, Fallarun, Khorak, and Bonecraft
  • Who are the druids greatest enemies

Emergence of the Gloomstar Council and
the Shadow Court

Most importantly, the book focuses on bringing a deeper meaning and purpose to the druid class. Herein are introduced the Netherelm, the Shadow Court, and the Gloomstar Council. In addition, there are a number of iconic villains, such as Behlor The Wretched, the King of the Long Night, the Blood Queen, the Ghorash, Blood Covens, Dhurge Lords, Malafar, and Khabalash The Hand of Death.

These beings are just some of the fel fey, darkened souls, and abominations sworn to overturn the natural order of the world— and destory the druids who so desperately work to maintain its balance. Are your druids up to the task of defeating this vile cabal of villains wherever they spawn their twisted schemes.

" This book really puts druids on the map. There are so many great ideas and so much fascinating lore for druid characters here, you'll definitely want to use it in your game—It's fun piled on top of more fun."

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