Guardians of Secret and Shadow

Guardians of Secret and Shadow™ is a 5e+ compatible, gaming resource that includes tons of player options and GM resources, such as :

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What's so great about this book?

This resource is for players looking for awesome new classes and subclasses, as well as some really great lore that can be integrated right into any game. For example:

Multiclass Subclasses... What?

This resource really leans into multiclassing by replacing the normal subclasses a character would gain when multiclassing with a single subclasses! The effect is both to reign-in the overpowered nature of a multiclassed character, while providing it a creative, fun, and unique way to experience the world. There is the Bloodbeast (Barbarian/Druid), Skald (Barbarian/Sage), or Wandering Wizard (Druid/Wizard). Each brings a focus and energy to multiclassing that has been missing.

Skills and Tools Enhancements

This resource adds enhancements to skills and tools, better defining each skill and the relationhip those skills have with many of the tools available in the game. I guarantee you that players will not only better understand how to use each skill, but will clamor for more tools!

" If this book does for the other classes what Druids: Secrets of the Primal Circle did for the druid class, this is going to be an epic resource."

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